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Jason Lanning

My name is Jason Lanning.  I've been a journalist for 12 years.  For the past ten of them I've made Tampa, Florida my home.  Like most, my career has not been without big challenges.  The biggest happened in June 2009.  I was involved in a car accident blown out of proportion by media because of an inaccurate police report and reporters who didn't bother to get both sides of the story.  I was accused of DUI, being a drug user, trying to leave the scene of an accident and lying to police.  Those things are most certainly untrue!  Media didn't care about getting to the truth, they cared about the shock value of what they could get away with publishing by hiding behind a police report.  To this day when you type "Jason Lanning" into any internet search engine, the first thing you'll find is my mugshot and many outdated articles detailing serious allegations that were flat-out false.  Not a single media organization contacted me for my side of the story after the accident.  When the true facts came out, media were no where to be found.  This website is my answer to them. Please click My Accident in Media for more. I hope you enjoy your stay and I encourage you to come back often for updates!



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